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I am starting to realize that Jasco Mask & Seal is a relatively unknown product - and I cannot figure out why. This stuff is great. I use it on 90% of the multi-paned windows I paint - metal and wood framed. Mask & Seal looks kind of like Elmer's White Glue. I just use cheap chip brushes to apply it to the perimeter of the window glass (or I cover the glass for spray jobs), and I apply it in such a way that the stuff overlaps onto the wood or metal frame a bit. (This creates a new seal between the glass and the frame). After about 2 hrs, it dries clear and has a somewhat rubbery consistency. Razor the perimeter of the glass, and if you applied the Mask & Seal thick enough, it'll peel off the glass similarly to rubber cement. If the mask & seal was applied too thin for peelaway, you can scrape it with a good glass scraper and it'll release a lot easier than paint would.

Jared CA