Cleaning And Paint Prep

Cleaning And Surface Prep

Prepare For An Amazing Finish.

The secret to creating a finish that’s both beautiful and enduring is a clean and properly prepared surface. You’ll find the Jasco® line of professionally formulated cleaning and surface prep products are the solutions you need to cut through tough grease, wash away paint splatters — and create a surface that’s ideally prepared for finishing.

And when you’re finished with a project, Jasco® cleaners and solvents are ideal for restoring your brushes, rollers, equipment and work area to great condition.

Brush Cleaner cleans synthetic bristle brushes, artist brushes, roller covers, trays, and equipment after a project.

Brush Cleaner for California

Easy Liquid Sander Deglosser is used as a liquid “sand paper” for wood surfaces.

Mask & Peel is used for masking surfaces for painting.

TSP Substitute is used for cleaning, degreasing, and deglossing various surfaces.